A more intelligent payroll experience.

The PxBridge software programs provide easy integration options between Paychex® and your accounting package of choice, reducing human error and improving efficiency overall by providing intelligent data bridges that join payroll data across systems, allowing employee data synchronization, electronic disbursement, and easier bank account reconciliation. Tell us which accounting package you use, and we’ll provide you with the version of PxBridge that works best for you.


PxBridge - Time Tracking Detail

Use PxBridge Time Tracking Detail to transfer employee time information from your accounting software to PayChex®. Simply enter time entries into your accounting software and use the PxBridge software to transfer the time entries into PayChex®.

PxBridge - GL Summary

PxBridge GL Summary is specifically designed for companies that enter payroll data into PayChex® and require the General Ledger to be updated with PayChex® employer summary entries. Enter your time entries into PayChex® and transmit your payroll. PayChex® will send your General Ledger employer summary entries and the PxBridge will transfer the summary data into your general ledger and net check detail for easy reconciliation.

PxBridge - Payroll Check Detail

PxBridge Payroll Check Detail is designed for companies that write payroll checks off their own business account. It provides the ability to reconcile checks and see a breakdown of earnings, taxes and deductions. Enter your time entries into PayChex® and transmit your payroll. PayChex® will send your general ledger entries and the PxBridge will transfer the check detail data into your accounting software.


Tested and trusted.

You can be sure that our software integrations have been designed and tested for performance and compatibility because we have been a trusted partner with Paychex® since 2002.

  • Integrate data without making massive changes to payroll systems or processes
  • Promptly transmit detailed check and job cost information
  • Streamline data extraction and formatting

Put an end to payroll processing headaches.

Easily migrate exact general ledger data from PayChex® to save time hassling with double entries.

  • Integrate PayChex® data into most accounting software systems including QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online®, Sage 50/Peachtree® and many others
  • Migrate and configure existing payroll entries
  • Ensure failsafe accuracy

Customized to meet your needs.

With set prompt fields, you can allow entries for specified period end dates and select which entries to send to Paychex® at any time. It is also possible to customize fields to set your payroll entries to include any company-specific fields, for example:

  • All hours: regular, overtime, holiday, vacation, etc.
  • All earnings: deductions, regular, overtime, bonus, holiday, retro, vacation, etc.
  • YTD vacation or sick time accumulated
  • And any other fields you want to include

Setup and support done right.

With quick installation and setup time, you can be up and running in minutes. You will work with our experts to migrate and configure existing data and to ensure smooth and simplified operation of the software.

  • Quick, 1-hour initial setup and install session
  • Easy to understand and use interface
  • Individualized training and support
  • Comprehensive customization options

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