Improve your payroll experience.

PTEBridge allows you to transfer data between your ADP payroll service and your accounting package, which saves you time and reduces keystroke errors by eliminating double entry. Tell us which accounting package you use, and we’ll provide you with version of PTEBridge that best suits your needs.


PTEBridge - Time Tracking Detail

Use PTEBridge Time Tracking Detail bridge to transfer employee time information from your accounting software to ADP®. Simply enter time entries into your accounting software and use the PTEBridge software to transfer the time entries into ADP®.

PTEBridge - GL Summary

PTEBridge GL Summary is specifically designed for companies that enter payroll data into ADP® and require the general ledger data to be updated with employer summary entries. Just enter your time entries into ADP® and transmit your payroll; ADP® will send your general ledger employer summary entries and then you can use the PTEBridge to transfer the summary data into your general ledger and net check detail for easy reconciliation.

PTEBridge - Payroll Check Detail

PTEBridge Payroll Check Detail is designed for companies that write payroll checks off their own business account. It provides the ability to reconcile checks and see a breakdown of earnings, taxes and deductions. Enter your time entries into ADP® and transmit your payroll. ADP® will send your general ledger entries and the PTEBridge will transfer the check detail data into your accounting software.

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Integration between ADP® and your accounting software.

Your software integrations need to be designed for optimal performance and compatibility. Partnering with ADP® since 2002 ensures that we are always working to provide you with the most efficient solutions.

  • Integrate ADP data into most accounting software systems including QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online®, Sage 50/Peachtree®, and many others
  • Streamline data extraction and formatting
  • Migrate and configure existing payroll entries
  • Ensure failsafe accuracy

Saves you time and money.

Free up hours of your time and put an end to some of the biggest headaches in payroll processing.

  • Quickly transfer general ledger data from ADP®
  • Eliminate double entry
  • Transmit detailed check and job cost information
  • Resolve rekeying errors

Hassle-free setup and continued support.

Your implementation process will be guided by one of our experts to ensure successful use of the data bridge. Once the data bridge is installed, you can continue to work with us to receive additional training, continued support, or customizations as needed.

  • Quick, 1-hour initial setup and install session
  • Individualized training and support
  • Continued support options

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